Creative 4Hire is a very significant initiative that we are currently working on. It is an online job board designed specifically for creative professionals to connect them to the Capital Region’s cities, companies and individuals that want to hire them.

Additionally, it serves as a means for just about anyone to directly support a creative person. Need your living room painted, garage cleaned out, dogs walked? There’s a creative for that. By hiring creative people who are willing and able to do odd jobs, labor or special projects, anyone can directly support the arts without ever buying a piece of art or seeing a theatrical production. (Although, we don’t recommend that).

Creative 4Hire Day Job- If you are looking for work or you are looking for high-level talent, Creative 4Hire Day Job provides you with simple tools, intuitive, powerful and dedicated to all creative sectors.
Creative 4Hire Odd Job- Whether you are looking to support your art making or wish to support a creative, Creative 4Hire Odd Job provides you with the tools to make ALL your skill sets available to all who need them.

If you are interested in participating during our BETA period contact Alana Sparrow.