In this special initiative The Foundry will work with communities to create affordable live-and/or-work opportunities for Capital area artists and their families. The Foundry’s artist housing program will work to counteract the displacement of artists from the Capital Region and reverse the loss of valuable creative capital from the Region.

Providing access to affordable spaces for creatives to live and create conserves the creative capital that enlivens our cities, facilitating economic development and community revitalization while preserving valuable access to the arts for area residents and tourists alike.

The Foundry will work with cities, developers and individuals to create and maintain spaces for artists to live, work, exhibit, perform and conduct business. The Foundry’s efforts will address both live/work housing and work/live housing.

Live/work Housing Emphasizes residential occupancy with commercial activity secondary (employees and walk-in trade are not usually permitted). The quiet enjoyment expectations of the neighbors in the building or adjacent buildings take precedence.
Work/live Housing Emphasizes commercial or industrial activity with ancillary residential occupancy. Commercial activity takes precedence over the quiet enjoyment expectations of residents, in that there may be noise, odors, or other impacts, as well as employees, walk-in trade or sales, as appropriate in a commercial setting.

More Information
If you are interested in contributing to this initiative, please contact Alana Sparrow on +1 518 229 2173 (we only have cellphones, please don’t dial up in the wee hours). Thank you.