The Foundry creates opportunities for creatives and arts organizations and fosters sustainable economic development. To this end, we work with non-profit organizations to cultivate beneficial relationships with artists in their development and programmatic efforts.

Art Auctions

We work with non-profits from all sectors with fundraising or auctions which utilize artists and their artwork. We understand what you want and need, and just as important we understand what artists want and need. We can design an auction that guarantees that everyone goes home happy.

Themed Events + Galas

Designing memorable and unique events is one of our specialties. Our network of artists and designers are the most talented in the region. We have full in-house production capabilities to design and build just about anything you can imagine.

Event Marketing

Looking to grow your audience or increase attendance? We understand how to get buts in the seats and feet on the dance floor. We can tailor a marketing program for your unique event to ensure it’s the most successful as possible.

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