services for non-profit organizations

The Foundry creates opportunities for creatives and arts organizations and fosters sustainable economic development. To this end, we work with non-profit organizations to cultivate beneficial relationships with artists in their development and programmatic efforts.

The Foundry through our Creative Capital Network provides workshops, roundtables, discussion forums and cultural based development consulting to help you connect to the creatives in your community. Join today.

    Cultural Based Development Consulting

    We offer consulting services to NPOs of all kinds for fundraising or auctions which utilize artists and their artwork. Additionally we offer services and access to creatives and arts organizations which employ creatives for activities including designing themed events, galas and cultural programming. And to insure your events cohesiveness, we can provide in-house event production, branding, marketing, advertising, PR and print/design services. Please inquire.

    Projects + Services

        + Fund Development Art Auctions
        + Themed Events + Galas
        + Cultural Programming + Outreach

More Information
We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might be of service to your organization. If you would like to find out more please contact Alana Sparrow. Thank you.

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