The Foundry for Art Design + Culture
is a for-profit, social enterprise.

Simply put, we are social entrepreneurs who want to improve the common good and solve a socio-economic stigma for creative people in a new, more lasting and effective way than traditional approaches. We are visionary entrepreneurs who recognize potential where others may not see it. We apply discipline, pragmatism, courage and creativity to pursue our solution in spite of all obstacles.

We directly address socio-economic needs through our services and through a number of opportunities we develop for creatives. This distinguishes us from “socially responsible businesses,” which create positive social change indirectly through the practice of corporate social responsibility (e.g., creating and implementing a philanthropic foundation; paying equitable wages to their employees; using environmentally friendly raw materials; providing volunteers to help with community projects).

As a social enterprise we invest in creatives and communities. All sponsorship funds are invested into our program work with creatives most in need.