Art Production Studio

Art Production Studio rental starts at $70 for a 3 hour block. Media Studio rental is $50hr and is available to members only.

Rental time in the Art Production Studio can be scheduled:

Weekdays 9am – 4pm
Jesse Matulis

The primary renter who will be using the studio must be the name used to secure the spot on the schedule. If you are purchasing time for someone else, this intention must be made clear at the time of scheduling. The primary renter scheduled to use the facility must fulfill eligibility requirements to use the studio (see below). During rental time, the primary renter may bring in (1) additional person—to assist or observe, and this must be noted at time of registration.


If you are new to renting at our Studio, you must first receive permission to work independently. Permission can be obtained by arranging a brief interview with the studio manager. This interview process and a brief studio orientation are required in order to familiarize new renters with studio facilities, safety practices, and guidelines. This also establishes participation as a responsible member of the Studio rental community.

Important Forms + Information

Rental Policies and Procedures [to come]

Etiquette and Safety Regulations [to come]

Rental Authorization Form [to come]