Serve Creatives

Build Connections

Deepen the Creative Economy

The Foundry for Art Design + Culture is a social enterprise which serves to inspire economic opportunities in New York’s Capital Region by fostering innovative collaborations between creatives, cultural and educational institutions, non-profits, businesses and civic institutions.

The Foundry’s fundamental belief is that all creatives, regardless of their experience, should have the opportunity to maximize their potential, the confidence to seize opportunities and the wisdom to realize the importance of art, design and culture to society. For far too many creatives, this is not happening.

This is not just failing our creatives; it is failing society as a whole. Creatives are denied the chance to make a full contribution to society, and society loses the benefit of that contribution. The Foundry works to close this gap.

A survey headed by The Ford Foundation from 2002-2003 determined art and culture organizations bolster community engagement and cooperation, heighten the possibility for people to understand themselves and shift in the way they view the world, and support community pride and identity. Additionally, they found the arts play a role in the betterment of discarded buildings, sustain cultural heritage, convey ideals and history, unite cultural ethnic, and racial barriers, and further economic growth.