The Foundry offers Capital Region organizations, corporations, and individuals the opportunity to integrate contemporary art into their offices, headquarters, or homes through either curatorial : art leasing services. We service Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Hudson and Saratoga Springs.

Curatorial Services

Whether large or small, permanent or temporary, for a courtyard or an office, the Foundry’s curators will work with you and your organization to ensure you receive the absolute best work for your space, needs, and aesthetic. We can accommodate the needs of any specific installation, working with a wide range of artists, designers, fabricators and architects to assemble and complete projects in a range of two and three-dimensional mediums.

  • Art Acquisition
  • Assistance Servicing Permanent Collections
  • Commissions
  • Rotating Exhibitions
  • Exhibition Design
  • Art Installation
  • Art and Artist Relations
  • Art Collection Management
  • Event Design
  • Art Leasing

Art Leasing

Leasing art provides corporate clients the ability to enhance their offices with the work of our gallery’s emerging artists. In addition, art rentals can be categorized as an operating expense.

Renting allows time to understand a painting or sculpture in your personal context before making the commitment to purchase it. Terms for art rental cycle on 3 month intervals, at the end of each rental term clients have the option to buy the work. Should you choose to purchase the work, the Foundry will apply 50% of the rental fees paid toward the purchase price.

The option of renting art allows for greater flexibility and change in your chosen environment, home, or workplace.

Rental Policies
Rentals are limited to greater Capital Region and subject to availability.

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