Innovation, education and a rich cultural heritage have always been synonymous with the City of Troy, the beloved ‘Collar City’. These themes were incorporated into the interior design of City Station East, with the commission of original murals and artwork.

United Group commissioned The Foundry for Art Design + Cutlure to create original artwork that was representative of the city and region. The more notable artworks include murals of the Tomhannock Reservoir, Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, a series of painting of the collars once manufactured in Troy and depictions of Prospect Park which was designed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute alum Garnet Baltimore.

The ‘Collar City’ theme was carried forward in the motif of this Grand Opening event. For the design of the event was influenced by Troy’s educational institutions, and the ingenuity, ideation and invention they represent. 100+ paperback books and Edison light bulbs were assembled into unique installations adorning the tent canopy.

Several area artisans were commissioned to develop the decorations which incorporated retired manufacturing parts and architectural pieces into the open air terrariums gracing the tabletop. Beams and gears from a former textile manufacturing facility stood at the center of the reception table. Additionally, the podium and pillars were fashioned from driftwood out of the Hudson River. A confectionery marvel was created, once again inspired by the Collar City.