Urban Development In A Historic Neighborhood

City Station is a $60 million inclusive of infrastructure real estate development by United Group, Troy NY.  At the heart of this 247,000 sf neighborhood, College Suites at City Station has 151 apartment suites to accommodate up to 396 Rensselaer graduate students. With a total of three residential buildings (East, West, and South) within walking distance to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus.

To further engage the student community with their external surroundings The Foundry for Art Design + Culture was hired to create original artwork that was representative of the city and region. Innovation, education and a rich cultural heritage have always been synonymous with the City of Troy, the beloved ‘Collar City’. These themes were incorporated into the interior design of City Station East and South, with the commission of original murals and artwork. The more notable artworks include murals of the Tomhannock Reservoir, Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, a series of painting of the collars once manufactured in Troy and depictions of Prospect Park which was designed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute alum Garnet Baltimore.

  • Curatorial
  • Interior Design
  • Art Design & Production