My Story Has Value Campaign

The goal of this brand building campaign focused on the characteristic strengths of the online, and potential online student population: determination, resiliency, maturity, willingness to sacrifice, experience overcoming obstacles, we aim to empower prospective students.

We want prospective students to see themselves in a heroic light. It’s when people feel powerful and capable they are most willing to take on new challenges—like pursuing a degree.

Using a single narrator and multiple actors we follow characters representative of the current and potential on-line student population through common experiences (work, parenting, etc.).


These characters, however, are portrayed as vibrant. Heroic.

Their challenges and joys, big and small are imbued with a feeling of significance and gravity, the characters themselves with a feeling of power and grace and integrity.

To further convey this emotion the technical approach is gritty and hyper-real, vapor/dust/smoke, sweat and pours, high contrast, with cinematic color.


  • Creative + Art Direction
  • Scriptwriting
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
Excelsior College


Vibrant, Heroic Characters.

We Strive To Enhance Your Message

And Allow It To Fully Shine.

:60 and :30 edits were created to run on broadcast and online.

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