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Making Good

foundry featured in new book Making Good by Dev Aujla

Alana Sparrow and Jesse Matulis, co-founders of The Foundry for Art Design + Culture, a cultural enterprise in Cohoes, NY, are profiled in the new book MAKING GOOD.

With unemployment among new college grads estimated to be as high as 54%, and some 8.5% of people out of work in the US, so many young Americans are resigning themselves to jobs that simply pay the bills. Yet there is still a deep desire to do something good for our world.

MAKING GOOD is the What Color Is Your Parachute? for the Facebook  generation. Written by two charismatic, young entrepreneurs, Dev Aujla and Billy Parish are at the vanguard of discovering how this generation will rethink, reimagine, and rebuild the world around us. They have been recognized for their work in Vanity Fair, Salon, and Rolling Stone.

Aujla, interviewed Sparrow and Matulis as leading social entrepreneurs and urban pioneers who helped organizations in their community win more than $350,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Sparrow and Matulis co-founded The Foundry to identify and inspire economic opportunities for individuals working in the arts and creative sectors.

Sparrow and Matulis’ profile in MAKING GOOD details how the couple leveraged their $50,000 win in the Refresh project by utilizing their vast network founded on real relationships to inspire and support others to do the same—the result is allowing them to rebuild an entire community and feel good about their work too.

The Foundry fosters innovative collaborations between creatives, cultural and educational institutions, non-profits, businesses and civic institutions. “We believe that art, design and cultural entrepreneurs drive economic and community development and are an integral part of creating vibrant communities.” Sparrow said.

The Foundry will be celebrating April 7 with a 3.In.1 Day Event featuring a painting exhibition opening and artist talk with 2011 NYFA grant recipient Adam Daily at 3:30, immediately following is a talk and book signing with Aujla Saturday April 7 starting at 4pm. Closed 5-7pm for intercession. An artist reception will take place from 7-9pm, immediately following is a performance with Ryder Cooley; Ryder + Hazel with Corey Aldrich, 9-10pm.

MAKING GOOD is published by Rodale books, and is available in bookstores and on