The American eel and monarch butterfly travel thousands of miles from where they were born only to return to die.


Survival is a fact of life for all living creatures. Going Home, The Beautiful Journey of Eel + Butterfly Migration explores the topic of survival through visual narrative and critical inquiry, examining the semblance and dissimilarity of these to species in an effort to reveal alternative ways of looking at our own attempt for survival. Going Home further explores the tenuous balances between power and fragility, the intrinsic response to fear, the narrative arc of visceral reaction, and the visual language of hope and longing. What does it mean to survive and will we know it when we do?

The Monarch  The Eel

Production Notes

This project was completed including, research, writing, photography, design, printing and hand binding in 8 weeks. The book is 98 pages plus cover. Only four copies exist.

The Foundry Press published Going Home, The Journey of Eel and Butterfly Migration in the late fall of the year two thousand seven. Four copies were produced. Alana Sparrow lovingly took all the photographs at her favorite spot on the ocean in Maine. Some were carefully digitally manipulated to suit her needs. Adobe Garamond, Berthold Akizidenz Grotesk, and OCRB were the typefaces of choice. The paper selected was Neenah Classic Crest Digital Paper, smooth finish, 80# text, natural white, and was digitally printed on an Epson Stylus 2400. Alana Sparrow bound the edition in a timely fashion. This is copy.