Project Overview

For the self-inspired, indulgence is necessity. The innate need to be kind or tolerant to somebody or something to otherwise social indifference, the desire to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines, to rescind intolerance in religion, tyranny in government, and to revere the significance of natural law. The abstract in your hands is a catalog of thoughts on self-inspired responsibility. Indulgences to some, necessities to others. This catalog examines the worst of what the world is and the best of what the world could be; it encourages desire for change; it offers up a resounding, “Persevere, the change you hope to see in the world is within reach.”

The Foundry Press published Self Inspired Responsibility, A Catalog of Indulgence and Necessity in the late fall of the year two thousand seven. Three copies were produced. Most imagery was provided via the public domain, other from various stock houses, others are original digital illustrations produced by Alana Sparrow. Artwork donated by Jesse Matulis. Din and Letter Gothic were the typefaces of choice. It is 98 pages plus cover and end sheets. The paper selected was Neenah Classic Crest Digital Paper, smooth finish, 80# text, avon white, and was digitally printed on an Xerox 700. Alana Sparrow bound the edition in a timely fashion. This is copy.

Respect for the self, respect for others, respect for the earth, honesty, caring, and responsibility. We each strive for these character qualities, and we expect that our governing bodies strive for these qualities as well. When we as a society start to feel oppressed by social institutions, we start to seek new ways of liberating our freedom.

Being free, being able to think for oneself, is certainly the mark of a true individual. Being able to make one’s own decisions and being able to act on those decisions is largely what being an individual living in a democracy is all about. As a result, our Fathers made an immensely big issue out of self-determination (liberty), because it provides for a political philosophy which gives us a chance to learn who we are and why we are here, and it provides for a political philosophy which maximizes the distinction between the human presence on earth and that of all other life forms.

The potential here is that everyday, each of us is provided with the opportunity to influence not only ourselves but others in our lives, by living in a way which inspires change. And we can do this in ways that evokes dialog and provides the opportunity for each of us to be heard.

What follows are simple bits of truth, experience, refrain, and advice. These philosophies do not profess to encompass the be-all, end-all information bank of inspiring responsibility; instead, they are intended as sincere possibilities.

Anarchy By Design

We can inspire by working responsibly and just refuse to spread the evil. Refuse to tell the lie. Refuse to sell messages or products that in any way compromises ourselves, others or our planet. We can just refuse to do the work.

Choose Your Clients Carefully

Many young, underfunded, misinformed, but very well meaning and worthy organizations, individuals, companies and causes exist in every community. And each is a unique opportunity to inspire responsibility.

Go Back To School

Professional’s in all fields have the unique opportunity to bring a ‘real life’ perspective to the classroom. One that can have a tremendous influence on inspiring responsibility in young students. This can be done by way of teaching as an adjunct lecturer, speaking, or hosting a workshop on the responsibility and potential impact we can have on our culture.

Take It To the Streets

Artists, designers, architects and communicators can work together to create site specific work for public spaces that
evokes and supports discussion about self responsibility, further engaging the community, and is an opportunity for this
to be a site that the community regularly returns to and is reminded of the importance of thinking for yourself.